The Worth of A Soul – Poem

The Worth of a Soul

I saw the Man they spoke about;

I saw Him almost pass me by.

As I touched His robe ever slightly

the feelings made me cry.

He turned His attention unto me,

unworthy of His time.

He blessed my life with words of love

I felt His joy with me –sublime.


*Give Him our life.

Give Him our heart.

A precious soul,

yours and mine.

We walk with Him divine.


They told me I would never walk,

it was so much to demand.

But the Man who was amongst them

never doubted that I could stand.

His power overcame me,

I felt the pain ebb away.

Through a blessing and miracle,

I followed Him that very day.


I deserved to be punished

for the things I had done.

Unfaithful and full of sin,

each stone I had won.

The Man that stood between us

asked them all to see,

the woman I could become

and who they all should be.


I was with those shunned;

lepers that were less.

He came upon us to heal,

blessed thru gentleness.

I returned to give Him thanks

alone I showed my soul,

blessed further He loved me.

My faith had made me whole.


This Man whom others followed,

I heard of Him but could not see.

He beckoned I should come to Him.

So, there on bended knee,

He took my face in loving hands,

giving me the gift of sight.

I looked into His eyes that day

and knew all things were right.


This Man blessed those in need,

He didn’t choose the rich or poor.

Faithful souls that believed in Him;

nothing less nothing more.

All of us with individual worth

He loves each one dear.

This Man whom we call the Savior;

in our hearts we need Him near.


Heather M. Stallings


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