I’m Fine – Poem

Sometime throughout this journey I have found the best way to deal with everything is to write poetry.  I have many things I write about, some is beautiful and spiritual. But sometimes, I need to write about the hard stuff too. For those of you who write as well, you know that writing can be therapeutic and help yourself unload so to speak….

“I’m fine.”

“I’m fine.” Is just a disguise of the feelings that I keep

Hidden from the world, worries stuffed down deep

When others ask, “how are you?”, I smile and respond

“I’m fine” because my troubles reach far beyond

I try to keep my thoughts tucked far away

So, no one knows how hard I have it every day

I know others care, they mean the best for me

But sometimes I have dark thoughts

they shouldn’t have to see

I hear all the time, “It will be okay.”

If only they saw my inner soul along the way

I have a hard time knowing that I am in His care

Wondering if God is thinking of me, is He even aware?

I didn’t want to share all the things that are bad

I also don’t want others to know that I am sad

So, for now, “I’m fine.” will have to do

As I keep my sorrows away from you

Please don’t think that I don’t care

I am grateful for the love you share

But today all I have is a simple little phrase

That help get me through these awful days

When I say, “I’m fine.” know I am really trying

It’s my way of getting through without crying

Life is hard, these days almost way too hard

So, I will choose to use the “I’m fine.” card

To tell you that I am barely getting by

That I am not giving in, and I will try

To wake up each day and remember how to take in air

When I think about my life that isn’t fair

So, when I say, “I’m fine.”, please don’t judge me

Realize that I am being the best that I can be

My heart feels a burden that I can’t define

So, for now, I will simply say “I’m fine.”


Heather M. Stallings


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