Falling Away…..

As I had mentioned before, the Church is very important to me. In 2003, I met someone and we started dating. He was not a member of the Church, which I knew wasn’t what I wanted, but I felt alone and wanted the attention. He is very nice and we dated for a year. At this time, I was involved with a renaissance reenactment group. It was so much fun and our family really enjoyed it. I was falling away from the Church due to my relationship with my friend, and because of this group. It wasn’t that the people involved were bad, or that I was bad, I just wasn’t making good decisions. Then in the early part of 2004, I decided that the Church was more important to me. So I made a huge change. Yes, I went back to Church!

Throughout this time, I was doing relatively well regarding the mental illness, although I still had symptoms, it seemed to be going better.  I practiced a few of the skills and continued to go to therapy and my doctors.

Then, I really met some one……

Thanks for reading! Love, Heather

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