Changing My Life Part 2 (The Rest of the Story…)

So…. The day before my baptism, my very good friend and her family invited me out to eat with them.  (Something I had done before.) We had a great time.  Then, before heading home, they talked to me about joining the church.  I had gone to church off and on throughout high school with them and respected their beliefs and love of God.

So, when they were concerned for me and shared some pamphlets about the church that they had found, I listened to all they said and went home to look it over.

As I read through the literature, I was shocked at the things that it said about the faith that I truly thought I was ready to delve into.  It talked about things that the missionaries had never talked about, but none of it made sense or felt right.  The things that the missionaries talked about made sense and I believed them. But this was not making me feel very good. I did not want to do anything that would be that wrong.

I was very confused and unsure.  I drove to my parents house in the middle of the night and as I went to the front door, my dad opened it and was worried that something was wrong with me.  I cried and told him what had happened and that I really wanted to join the church, but that I wasn’t sure it was true.

He went over the literature with me, we prayed together and he basically told me I could take his word that it was true, or I could ask God myself.  I still didn’t know if I should get baptized, but I felt better that my dad believed in the church and thought the things the pamphlets said were false. My dad explained that sometimes when people are afraid of what they don’t understand, or if it is different than what they know, then it must be wrong. He also told me to always follow my heart and learn how the Spirit is making me feel. If something feels good it is usually good, if something feels confusing or bad, it usually is.

He asked if I wanted to spend the rest of the early morning there getting some rest, but I decided to leave.  I was so grateful that dad happened to be awake that night, I now know it was God’s way of placing people in my path and showing me the way to Him.

On the way home, I decided I needed to pray. I pulled off the road where it was safe and in the early morning haze, knelt down, and offered a simple sincere prayer to my Heavenly Father begging Him to tell me that my decision to join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was the path for me.

As I said the final words and thanked Him for everything He had blessed me with, I felt an amazing feeling that strong loving arms were wrapped around me. At first I was frightened because it was still fairly dark and I was alone, so I jumped back in the car.  Then as I sat there I realized I had been given the answer that I had desired.

I was going to get baptized and I knew it was right.

As I got home, I called the missionaries (it was 5:20 am) to tell them I was getting baptized that day! My Elder Bigfoot laughed groggily and said, “I know Heather. Let me go back to bed for another hour, bye. See you later.” I felt bad later that I woke him up, but figured he’d live.

That afternoon, I went to the church with my family and friends. This would be one of the most attended baptisms our congregation had seen, so they moved it into the chapel area. After the wonderful songs and talks, we went to the baptism font and I was the first one to enter into the waters of baptism.

I felt the Spirit so strong and as I came up out of the water, I felt those same loving arms envelop me as I stood nearby watching my younger siblings get baptized.  I remember feeling so incredible loved and important in God’s eyes.  I knew then that I had a purpose and that He needed me.

My life would never again be the same as before.  I was blessed, inside and out.  My heart was full, my life had meaning. I was changing…for the better.

Thanks for reading, Love, Heather

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