Feeling better……

Is been a while since I’ve written, I do apologize.  Today I decided to write again, I want to tell my story, so if I give up it will never happen.  I had to read my own blogs to see where I left off, but I will now continue……

Wow, I left off telling about my family! Talk about blessings!!!  As Bob and I settled into a wonderful marriage, I was also trying to figure out how to be a mom.  Man, jumping right in there with both feet was something, but definitely worth doing again.

There was some trials as I was not a great mom to start with.  I didn’t get the hang of disciplining Miranda right away, I was very hard on her, and I am ashamed to admit, even mildly abusive.  I went to our Bishop at the time to ask how to change my life and actions so that I didn’t destroy our happy little family. I really tried hard to overcome my anger, and life was getting much better.

Miranda suffered through those earlier years, but she was a great help to me as I began to experience the seizures and voices again.  I had several seizures and taught her how to help me. Her and Bob really watched out for me and we learned how to deal with it all.  As I struggled with my feelings and illness, I talked to my therapists and family about why I couldn’t really get it under control, eventually I learned a better way to deal with my anger and the stress of motherhood became a gift.

Bob and I have always had a great marriage and our love grows every day.  Miranda and I have had a beautiful relationship and I will always cherish her beauty and the amazing person she is. I am blessed.

Thanks for reading, Love, Heather

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