The Return…

Hi friends, wow I’ve been away too long. It is now 2019, I thought about this blog I started and decided I wanted to get back to it. Thanks for reading, please go back and catch up. 😊

So, I read my last posts and decided there were lots of holes in my story. Lots of vague parts about the things that happened to me. I will try to fill in the important information. Sorry if this blog gets jumbled or out of order, just a sign of how my life feels. Lol

First, I will create a timeline of events, then go back and write about each one. That will help fill in some blanks I hope.

1973-1992 Birth to Baptism

1992-1994 Learning the Gospel, Changing my Life

1994-1996 Washington Seattle Mission

1996 Home, Rape, Escape from Myself

1998-2004 Getting some Help, Many Health Tests, Trying to Understand, Finding out the Real Story, Leaning on Family

2004 My life Begins, Marrying Bob, Starting a Family of my Own

2004-2012 Loving Life, Learning to Cope, Life Takes a Detour

2012 Global Amnesia, Resetting my Life, Falling in Love Again

2013 Renal Cell Cancer, Coping with Change, Finding out Who I Am

2014 Liver Cancer, Life Unknown, The Love of Family and Friends

2014-2017 Doctor after Doctor, Living with Fear, Having Hope

2018 My relationship with God, Loving Myself, Planning A Wedding, Moving Forward

2019 Everly has Arrived, Becoming a Grandparent, Life is Amazing

Well, that is it in a nutshell. Looking at the timeline looks fairly concise, although in my mind it comes in the form of a mighty oak, the nutshell will explode!

Check back soon for more of this crazy journey.

Thanks for reading, Love, Heather


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