Happy Mother’s Day! – Poem

A Mother

You can always tell where a mother

is and where she will go,

she showers you with hope and joy

and praises as you grow.

Her love is felt here and there,

love is virtually everywhere,

the happiness and guidance you receive

is given through her care.

You can feel the peace and safety

even when you’re grown,

a mother gives advice you need

so you never feel alone.

She stops to help you with your problem

and gets you through the day,

she teaches, shares, and understands,

and strengthens along the way.

She remembers those special moments,

great times in the past,

and helps you recall them too,

so the memories will always last.

She leaves a trace of kindness,

she brightens, and she cheers,

helps us to face our trials,

takes always our biggest fears.

A Mother is simply needed

each and every day,

either by our side or in our hearts,

any special way.

Heather M. Stallings

(Written 10-25-99)

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