Finding Answers….

After having the repressed memories flood back from the molestation, and trying to deal with all the psychological things happening to me, we weren’t sure what my life would be like. Everything had changed and I didn’t like it. I wasn’t sure who I was or what was going to happen in my future.

One of the difficulties I started to experience was unexplained seizures. It was very hard to understand why I was having them, or what the diagnosis was. I spent a lot of time having tests run to see if the specialists could figure out what was causing them. They finally concluded that I had Conversion Disorder. It is a mental illness that causes a physical symptom if a person can not deal with stress in thier life. For me, I had what they call psuedo-seizures. It looks like a full seizure, but technically it isn’t hurting me at all, nothing like an epileptic seizure. I began taking medication for that as well.

I was unfortunately hospitalized several times and began the long process of learning coping skills that I use to deal with everyday situations. I think that these many coping skills have been amazing to learn and while they are not easy at times, they are important to use so that people with mental illness can try to live higher functioning lives. Like me!!!

Thanks for reading! Love, Heather

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