I will never forget….

November 15, 2012, started out as a normal day, I went to group. I had a ride scheduled to go home, but I canceled it. The reason for canceling it is unsure.  Apparently, I decided to walk to Walmart, which is a couple miles away from group. I don’t know why I would walk I never walk anywhere. I guess I wanted to be independent that day.

Several miles from group, I walked into a dentist office not knowing who I was.  At first they ask me if I knew my name or anyone that knew me. I showed them a picture of Bob but after that I knew absolutely nothing. After the police showed up, my phone is ringing and it was Miranda. They told her what was happening and to meet me at the hospital. When I saw her I didn’t know her at all. Looking back I understand this must have really upset her.

In the hospital I was very scared, I didn’t know anyone or anything. Eventually Bob showed up; he was in the Quad Cities at a meeting for work. He and Shea Trost gave me a blessing after explaining to me who Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ were. To be very honest, I still didn’t understand. Things were a blur and I didn’t understand anything. They were telling me to trust Bob but I was very scared, I didn’t even know who he was.

That is a feeling I will never forget…..

Thanks for reading! Love, Heather

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