Thank you…..

So many of you have commented about liking this blog. Thanks! There is a young woman out there reading this…..I hope you know who you are. I was thinking about you and the things you are going through. Please hang in there. Things really do get better. In one of my last posts I said that I had to learn coping skills. So many people in the world get up every day. Go to school, work, etc… Things become routine, “normal”, I used to wonder what normal was. I really don’t think there is a normal. I think there is just life, an individual “normal” for each of us. What one person does every day may not work for the next. My normal is not your normal, but it is “normal” for me. I hope that makes sense. Please don’t think that because you are going through something hard that you are different. Your circumstances are different, yes, but you are an average person, dealing with life like everyone else.

Yes, I have very challenging things that I deal with every day. “Am I going to have a seizure today?” “Will I get to have a nice day where something doesn’t make me cry for no apparent reason?” “Will I hear evil voices in my head telling me no one cares?” “Will my body hurt today?”

But it doesn’t stop me. I admit, it slows me down. But those challenges do not define me. I define myself, my faith in God defines me. My knowledge that I am a child of God gets me through each day. I have learned coping skills to help me deal with daily struggles, these are ideas and guides that I believe God helped create for our benefit. There are so many wise people in the world. They have come up with ideas that help people like myself cope with everyday stressors. That is my normal, using those gifts that I have been given to get through every day of my life. Fair, unfair, it doesn’t matter! I know that I am meant to have each trial for a reason. I am growing, living, and learning. I don’t have to like it, but there it is. It’s just life. But I am sure grateful that I have it to experience!!!!

Thanks for reading! Love, Heather

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