Mission Call…

Ok, well we are at the third part on my life timeline.

1994 -1996 Washington Seattle Mission

My bishop called me to serve a mission. It was an easy decision, “NO WAY!”

I was in debt, but not terrible, I was only 20, though I had been on my own for a while which wasn’t always easy. So, I figured he’d understand and let me of the hook. I didn’t have money and neither did my family. Plain and simple.

Nope, not that simple.

“Go home and pray about it, we’ll talk again.”

Ok, whatever. I didn’t even entertain the thought. The following Sunday, after a week had past, he called me into his office again. While I loved this man, it was a very slow walk to the chair in front of him. I hadn’t prayed and didn’t intend to.

After the pleasantries, he asked about that conversation I was supposed to have had with God.

I think he knew me well. I admitted I hadn’t felt the need to ask about the mission, knowing my firm answer. To my horror, he suggested that we kneel there and then to pray for guidance on the matter. I thought maybe in his older age he hadn’t really heard me, but agreed reluctantly.

As my knees knelt on the very uncomfortable commercial carpeting, I couldn’t understand why the Spirit had betrayed me so quickly. I knew I would be serving a mission before we started to pray. Heaven help me!

With counsel on how to deal with my debt, and renewed promise to pay tithing and continue studying, I left the bishops office scared to death about my future and wondering what I had gotten myself into.

I had always been in Minnesota and didn’t know anything about the world. Maybe they’d not let me go? I was overweight and I was….

I was just not ready, but somehow Heavenly Father prepared me for an amazing adventure that was the most wonderful, hard, educational, eye opening thing I’ve ever done!

“You are hereby called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission…”

Thanks for reading, Love, Heather

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