Growing Up…

Okay, If you have caught up, and read over my timeline, the first part was 1973-1992 Birth to Baptism.

In one of the previous posts I mentioned that I felt I had an amazing childhood. I really did. I was really cute and have always had chubby cute cheeks…lol (See pic)

I had a big family and we were very close especially as my sibling and I became teenagers and young adults. As normal families are, we fought and argued.  We lived basically. We moved around a lot, something I hated at the time, but think back on with fondness, I love new adventures.  My parents worked hard to provide for us as they haven’t ever had much money. We had fun with our cousins and our Great-grandparents were awesome.

Some memories….  I loved playing house in grandma’s flower garden, riding bikes with my brother and sister, listening to grandpa sing and dance with us, walking through the corn fields to see grandpa, having sleepovers and wearing grandma’s nighties, holidays, going to the truck stop or the little store, the record player, getting to sit in my older sister’s room and feel like a grown up when we talked about music or school, fishing with dad, having clubs and making forts, playing games…

Life was full and happy.  I was the middle child of five and some days I felt left out and couldn’t tell where I fit in, but I never doubted who my family was.

When I was in junior high, things started happening in my life that I realize now changed me.  I didn’t understand much of it at the time, but felt the measure of it all.

We found out that an Uncle had molested his kids and it came as a shock to us, or at least to me.  I remember my parents being very upset and talking to us about it.  I had no memories of him ever doing anything to me, so I went on with life.

At about the age of 13-14, I began to have terrible nightmares of that Uncle doing things to me that I was very scared of and I had an awful time trying to figure it out.  But my family assured me that they were just in my imagination and that I was going to be fine.  He would never have the opportunity to hurt me.  I continued to have these nightmares throughout high school and into adulthood.  But after a while just accepted it and lived my life.

I had an amazing time in high school with wonderful friends and made such fun memories.  I can never say thank you enough to a few of them that I remain close to even now.  They have been a bright light in my journey and I have cherished them and always will.

After high school, it wasn’t long before I met the missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I became a member. It was absolutely incredible and has helped me through my life.  I was so unsure of things up until then, but found a direction and it has guided me throughout everything I have been through.

The next 3 posts will be about my life as a crafter and how it began,  journey into the church, and about my amazing friends.  Stay tuned….

Thanks for reading, Love, Heather

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